Huairen was a calligrapher of the Tang Dynasty. Monk. Lived in Hongfu Temple in Chang'an (today's Xi'an, Shaanxi Province). He once copied Wang Xizhi's handwriting into the Preface to the Holy Teachings of the Tripitaka of the Tang Dynasty. This is an original creation among the inscriptions. Zhou Yue of the Northern Song Dynasty recorded in "Ancient and Modern Dharma Script Garden": "The Preface to the Sacred Teachings was made by Emperor Wen. At that time, various Buddhist committees in the capital, Hongfu Temple, Huairen, gathered the Youjun running script and laid stones. It took many years to complete, and Yishao's authentic works were collected among them. ." The contemporary Kang Youwei said in "Guang Yi Zhou Shuang Ji": "The Youjun books collected by Huairen in the Preface to the Holy Religion are of natural position and orderly writing. They can be described as extraordinary talents."