Gao Zhengchen, a native of Guangping (now Suxian County, Anhui Province), was promoted to Weiwei Shaoqing. ("Taiping Guangji" as "Wei Weiqing") Xi Youjun's method has a lot of fat and meat, but little bones. He has a neat appearance and a good look, which can be said to be "dignified and elegant". Ruizong loved his books very much. The late emperor Huai Guan ("The Predecessor of Zhang Huaisu" in "Taiping Guangji") had a long history with Gao, so the court officials asked Gao for a letter, and Feng Xianjun wrote it ("Or by the book" in "Taiping Guangji"). Gao Hui and others wrote fifteen pieces of paper, and Xianjun changed them to five pieces of paper to show his superiority, without distinguishing. The guest said: "Someone changed the official letter." Gao laughed and said: "It must be Mr. Zhang." In the end, he couldn't argue. Song Lingwen said: "Strength will lead to victory, and attitude will make you strong." Someone asked Gao Shu for a barrier, and said: "The old friend of the official is in Shenzhou, and the book and servants can go and ask for it." The former emperor asked him to write it. Since he was appointed to Runzhou and Huzhou, his muscles and bones gradually became better and better, and those who have accumulated more energy are often called the Empress of Chu. In Renshen, Shao and other states, the body style has changed again and is almost the same as in ancient times. Lu Jianzhi reported himself to Gao Shu, but Gao Chang was dissatisfied and refused to go into bed. Later, he was injured by a rat. He told the emperor, "This rat can understand the true minister's ears very well." Zhengchen Li, Xing and Cao enter Neng. (From Zhang Huaiguan's "Book Break")
  Gao Zhengchen's handed down works include "The Monument of Ming Zhengjun", which comes from the preface of the Holy Religion. The writing style is elegant and graceful, with firmness and softness.