A native of the Ming Dynasty. In the fifteenth year of Tianbao's reign, he met the prince and led Gengcheng. During the reign of Shangyuan, he was the prince's literary minister. The eight points of work have the purpose of "taking eight points of consideration". He also tasted books such as "Lu Xi Temple Stele" and "Lu Xi Monument". The Epitaph of Gao Yuangui was unearthed in Gaolou Village, Xi'an in 1984. The official script is rich and vigorous, not inferior to that of Han Zemu. The seal is covered with the words "The epitaph of Gaofu Jun, the late General Zuo Weiwei of the Tang Dynasty, presented to Chenliu County Prefecture" with twenty characters. It is made of jade chopsticks and has a round seal. Healthy, rich and luxuriant, it is better than Shi Weize. If it was also motivated by care and luxury, it should be the first figurine of one of the new styles of seal script. Huang Bosi, a calligrapher and calligraphy theorist in the Northern Song Dynasty, also wrote in "Dongguan Yulun" "Looking at its ruins" (Referring to "Lvbi Monument"), Zhi Zimei (Du Fu) did not call it false. It is recorded that the head of the stele is upside down with sage leaves, which is also from ancient times. It is worth noting only eight points."

  He made friends with Du Fu, and Du Fu highly praised him. He wrote "Drunken Songs as a Presentation to Gongan Yan Shishaofu for Gu Gu Babibi": "If you don't see Dongwu, you care about literature. If you don't see Du Ling of the Western Han Dynasty, you won't see the poet's writing style." If you feel dissatisfied, Cihan will be sent to the hall to sweep for you." There is also the poem "Send Gu Bafen Literature Shi Hongjizhou":
  After the Zhonglang Stone Sutra, I felt haggard and haggard. Gu Hou moved the furnace hammer, and his writing power broke the remaining ground.
  In the past during the Kaiyuan period, Han and Cai were both together. Xuanzong's wonderful book is based on counting his sons.
  The royal letter has been circulated for a long time, praising the wrongdoing. The three people merged into Zhizhi, each with their own blessings.
  After looking at Han Cai Nei, he was able to distinguish small characters by his eye skills. Divide the sun and show it to the kings, and the deep hook method is more secret.
  Literature travels with me, and Xiao Shu has a strong voice outside. After twenty years of following, the mighty Chang'an is drunk.
  Gao Geqing lived in the prime minister's house, and Wen Han flew to the provincial temple. Look at me riding a horse, and don’t abandon each other with my white head.
  When Hualiu enters a back alley, he will surely take off his golden bridle. It's difficult to talk about friends, and you dare to lose yourself in late life.
  Things have happened over and over again in ancient times, and we shed tears every time we meet. Xiangzhe Yuke people, who is Qingyunqi?
  Only then will the body be damaged, and illness and thirst will pollute the official position. Therefore, the old independence is still there, and the words of the times are in danger.
  I am willing to be sick and old, and my son is worried about the world. Hu is in need of food and clothing, and his color is less, so he is called Sui.
  Traveling far and hard, obeying many will. The boats have no roots, and the dragons like to cause trouble.
  In addition, there are many water thieves, so be careful of driving in the wind. When troops and horses collapse, they often kill senior officials.
  The princes of Ziqiandong advised to guard against indulgence. The state is based on the people, and hungry fish waste delicious food.
  Please tell the envoy Huanghua if you are deeply sad. The envoys will be selected by the elite, and they will enter the moral knowledge test.
  Compassion and pity, punishment and mercy, should be regarded as virtuous and foolish. The heroes are evil and want to win, but the heroes think of themselves.
  A gift of a son brings a fierce tiger, and a sore nose when leaving the suburbs.


"Epitaph of Gao Yuangui" Tianbao fifteenth year (756)