Du Mu (803-852) was a native of Jingzhao Wannian (now Xi'an, Shaanxi) in the Tang Dynasty. His courtesy name was Muzhi, he was a member of the Jinshi Ranking, and he was once a member of the imperial court, Wailang, and later moved to the official position of Shushe. ICBC cursive script. A famous poet in the Tang Dynasty, there are twenty volumes of "Fan Chuan Collection" handed down to the world. Because Du Fu preceded him, later generations called him Xiao Du.
  "Zhang Haohao's Poems" was written and written in the ninth year of Du Mu's reign. The writing style is running script. This is the only piece of Du Mu's ink that has been handed down from generation to generation. The handwriting of his calligraphy is charming and vigorous, and the turning points are like Sun Guoting's "Shupu". There have been many comments from past dynasties. Bao Shichen of the Qing Dynasty praised: The technique of using the brush can be seen at both ends of the painting, while the ancients' rich and unbridled style, which is unattainable, can be seen in the middle of the painting. There are still signs to be found because of the manipulation of the two ends of the cover; the reason why the cut is abundant but not timid, solid but not empty, is not due to the insight of the bone potential, which cannot be caused by luck. The beauty of Zhongshi is hard to describe after martial virtue. Ancient and modern calligraphy techniques have not reached this point, but Sibai has a saying that the strokes must be straight and not easily softened. Although this is not true, the knowledge is different. The postscript to Du Mu's "Zhang Haohao Shi" says that it "has the charm of the Six Dynasties", and Gai also appreciated the richness of it. ("Yizhou Shuangji") It is also said: If the flowers are very bright, the essence will be exhausted internally, and the color will fade externally; if the vegetation is deep in autumn, the leaves will be withered and the branches will be sparse, the business will be condensed internally, and the vitality will be exhausted externally. The reason for the romance of the book is that due to the weak power, the pen cannot capture the ink, and the fingers cannot foreshadow and write it out at will. Therefore, the disadvantages of the romance are especially serious at the end of the page. Excerpts from "Lanting Poetry" and "Zhang Haohao Poetry" in Xihongtang, the knotting method is simple and easy, the style is scattered, and those who are not brilliant are full of energy. The fullness of Qi is due to the inner strength, and the middle strength is due to the strength of the fingers. This achievement is very difficult to achieve, but it must be understood. ("Art Boat Shuangji")