Lu Xiang, whose courtesy name was Zihui, was from Jingzhou (now Jingchuan, Gansu Province). In the 10th year of Kaiyuan, he was called into the Hanlin Academy and served as the school manager of Jixian Academy (Jixian Academy was one of the three literary institutes of the Tang Dynasty. It was responsible for secretaries, illustrations and other matters, and had officials such as bachelor's degree and Zhengzi). Yi Dafu (a literary official name, in the Tang Dynasty it was the sixth of the twenty-nine ranks, the fourth rank). Lu Xiangzeng moved to Zhongshushe (he was the official of Zhongshu Province, in charge of imperial edicts, attendants, administrative edicts, etc., and was the fifth rank in the Tang Dynasty), and later he was changed to minister of the Ministry of Works. After his death, he presented it to the prefect of Huayin.

  According to the New Tang Dynasty Book: "(Lv Xiang) was a Gongcao Li who could write hundreds of characters in one stroke. If he could write a hundred characters in one stroke, he would be known as 'Lian Jin Shu'."