Liang Shengqing's birth and death are unknown. He first served as a county captain in Fengtian, and later became the governor of Guangzhou. He was the prince's right concubine. He died in the early years of Yue Tianbao. Be friendly with Zhang Jiuling. He was erudite in official script and famous for his official script. The handwritten writings handed down from ancient times include "Ode to Dongyue Pilgrimage" (destroyed) on the cliff of Mount Tai, "Stele of Yushitai Jingshe", etc.

Appreciation of works: Yushitai Jingshe Monument


"The Monument of Yushitai Jingshe", the height of the monument is 145 cm, the width is 65 cm. It is currently in the Forest of Steles in Xi'an.



"The Stele of Yushitai Jingshe" was written by Cui Shi in the 11th year of Kaiyuan of the Tang Dynasty (723) and written by Liang Shengqing. This stele is a valuable material for studying the relationship between politics and religion in the Tang Dynasty and the Tang Dynasty official calligraphy.