Song Guang, his birth and death year is unknown. The word is Chang Yi, a native of Nanyang, Henan. Served as Tongzhi of Mianyang. Good at painting, but also good at cursive writing. Following Zhang Xu and Huai Su, his style is slightly changed, his brushwork is vigorous and smooth, and his posture is graceful. In the early Ming Dynasty, Song Ke and Song Cuan were both well-known for their good books, known as the "Three Songs". Ming Tao Zongyi's "Book History Meeting Yao": "The Guang cursive calligraphers Zhang Xu and Huai Su, Zhang Cao enters the gods." However, critics said that Song Guang's calligraphy style was thin and smooth, not as good as Song Ke's calligraphy achievements.


Cursive Script Li Baiyue Under the Poem of Alone Drinking on Paper Printed on Paper, Vertical 87cm, Horizontal 33.6cm Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing




Cursive script Wind into the loose word axis, paper 1379, 101.7cm in length, 33.7cm in width, Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing