Song Fan (1344-1380) Ming Dynasty calligrapher. The word Zhongheng was born in Pujiang (now in Zhejiang). Song Lian's second son, a member of the Shushe official in the 9th year of Hongwu (1376), was involved in the case of Hu Weiyong and died. "Ming Shan Zang (名山藏)" called its fine seal, official, true, and grassy, and the work of small seals, and it was the first in the country. Tao Zongyi's "Book History Meeting Yao (书史会要)" said: "The seals of both large and small seals are pure and charming, and the running script also has a vibe." Very few calligraphy works have been handed down, and the "History of Ming Dynasty (明史)" is attached to "Song Lian (宋濂)".


Respect post 26.9X54.8cm cursive script on paper Collection of the Palace Museum



This is the only ink handed down by Song Cuan. The brush is fluent and vigorous. Fang Xiaoru of the Ming Dynasty called it "like Tianji travels to the Central Plains, thousands of miles in a day", which vividly summarizes the artistic characteristics of Song Pan's cursive script.