Wang Mian (1310-1359), named Yuanzhang, was born in Zhuji, Zhejiang. He was an influential poet in the literary world at the end of the Yuan Dynasty, and a flower-and-bird painter who created a new style of freehand brushwork in the painting circle. His poems often reveal his resentment against the rule of the Yuan Dynasty, and his poems about plum blossoms also express his feelings through objects. He admitted that he likes to write about "wild plums" instead of "official plums", in order to despise the "egguan rotten scholars" at that time. In his later years, he took refuge in Jiuli Mountain in Kuaiji, built his own "Plum Blossom House", grew millet and raised fish, and lived in poverty for the rest of his life.


"Cursive Poetry Notes". It was written and written by Wang Mian of Yuan Dynasty. Attached are Zhou Nan's poems and notes. handwriting. Album package. The paper is 24CM high and 25CM wide. Collection of Shanghai Library. Wang Mian's calligraphy is rarely handed down from generation to generation. This is a seven-character poem written by him. The language is simple and the calligraphy is elegant. It is not found in "Zhu Qi Ji", so it is very precious.