Wei Su (1303-1372) Wei Su of the late Yuan Dynasty was a native of Linchuan, Jiangxi. His "Chen's Fangcunlou Ji Regular Script Volume" is a precise and neat work. "Book History Huiyao" says: "Wei Su is good at regular script, and he has Shi Zhiyong and Yu Yongxing's canonical rules." The pen is strong and strong, and the words are dignified and elegant. The whole article is spread out on the paper with bounded lines, and the line spacing and character spacing are perfect. Cut into equal spaces, he can still get some variety from the technique of tying the words. It's hard to find fault with the pen, but it's also hard to find something personal about him. As an official, Wei Su was cautious, honest, and abided by the imperial code. This kind of individuality is reflected in the text, which is the rigor of the law and the lack of individuality.


Part of the regular script volume of Chen's Fangcunlou Ji
Paper 23.4X102cm Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing