Wang Siren (1575-1646) Ming Dynasty writer. The word season is heavy, and the name is Jingan and Suidong, from Shanyin (now Shaoxing, Zhejiang). Clever in his childhood, after being a jinshi at the age of twenty, he spent three careers and three delinquencies in his life, half of which lived in the wild in fifty years. He has served as the county magistrate three times, and has also served as Yuanzhou push officer, director of the Ministry of Criminal Affairs and Ministry of Engineering. When King Lu was in charge of the country, he served as the minister of rites.

In May of the second year of Shunzhi in the Qing Dynasty (1645), Nanjing was broken, and Ma Shiying entered Zhejiang as a concubine. He was angry and scolded Ma Shiying for harming the country and the people. Please behead it and tell the provinces. The Qing army forced Hangzhou, Ma Shiying wanted to cross the river into Vietnam, and Si Ren wrote a letter to reject him, saying: "Wuyue is the land of revenge and shame, and the land of slander and dirt. Please go to Xu Tao first, and beg Su Dongbai to refuse. Your Excellency." When Shaoxing fell, Wang Siren moved to the countryside without going to the city, without shaving his hair, and died on a hunger strike. He was 72 years old. He is humorous by nature, and he usually indulges in drunkenness and laughs with the hawkers, without being prudent. The prose was influenced by Xu Wei and the Gong'an School. The works are famous for their travel notes prose, bright and fresh, and often contain satire in the humor. Representative works include "Tianmao (天姥)", "Lantau Island (孤屿)", "Traveling to Beigu Mountain (游北固山记)", "View Tai Mountain (观泰山记)", "Traveling to Wutai Mountain (游五台山记)" and so on. Poetry emphasizes nature and does not stick to style. Qian Qianyi commented on "Jizhong is a poem, with brilliant talents, no choice for resuscitation, ghosts and demons, evil ways out" ("A Biography of Poetry Collections of the Dynasties (列朝诗集小传)". The author of "Ten Kinds of Wang Jizhong (王季重十种)".


Wang Siren's Poems Volume 1


Wang Siren's Poems Volume 2