Wang Wen (1497-1579) was named Ziyu, originally named Jingzhai, and scholars called "Mr. Zhongshan", a native of Wuxi. Childhood is intelligent, capable of poetry and painting. After entering Erquan Academy. In the 14th year of Zhengde (1519), Chinese style examination in the 11th year of Jiajing (1532), Jinshi in the 17th year of Jiajing (1538). He was appointed the head of the household department, supervised the Xuzhou warehouse, transferred to the Nanjing Ministry of War, and served as a car driver. He was also transferred to Guangdong, but he abandoned the official before returning to his hometown and returned to his hometown. Wang Wen was loyal to his duties, well managed, the citizens alleviated the poor, and was effective against the Japanese. It is also strict and filial, and indifferent to officialdom. The works, poems, writings, and paintings, clean and elegant, are admired by scholars.


Wang Wen's Self-composed Poems (自作诗卷)