Wen Tianxiang (1236--1282), also known as Song Rui and Lushan, was a native of Jishui, Jiangxi. At the age of 20, he ranked first in Jinshi. The eunuch Dong Songchen and the powerful Prime Minister Jia Sidao dismissed him and became an official at the age of 37. In the ninth year of Xianchun (1273), he recovered. In the early years of Deyou (1275), in response to the imperial edict of King Qin, he summoned the envoys of Jiangxi to punish and appease them into the guard, and learned about Pingjiang Prefecture and Lin'an Prefecture. In addition to the privy envoys, they also eliminated the right prime minister and privy envoys. When the Yuan army requested peace, he was detained by the Yuan people. He escaped and returned to Zhenzhou, and later entered Tingzhou and Zhangzhou, where he repeatedly fought against Yuan soldiers. In the fifteenth year of Yuan Dynasty (1278), troops were stationed in Lijiang Pu. King Yi died, and King Wei of Wei succeeded to the throne. He added Shao Baoxin to the Duke, Zhang Hongfan attacked Chaoyang, Tianxiang was captured and sent to Yanjing. In the 19th year of the Yuan Dynasty (1283), Renwu died in Chaishi at the age of 47. There is "Wenshan Collection".