Wang Shen (1048-1104), courtesy name Jin Qing, was originally from Taiyuan (now part of Shanxi) and lived in Kaifeng (now part of Henan). The official is the observation envoy to Xuanzhou, the princess of Wei State, the daughter of Zhao Shu of Shang Yingzong, the official is the general of Zuowei and the captain of Ma Duwei. He was once demoted to Junzhou, and later returned to the state. He was also appointed as an envoy to the regiment of Dingzhou. Elegant and good at literature and art, fine appreciation of poetry, calligraphy and painting. He often interacted with Su Shi, Huang Tingjian, Mi Fu, etc. He is good at writing about the clouds and mountains on the river, the deep valleys and cold forests, and the distant scenery. He uses Li Chengzhi's method, and his writing style is clear, smooth and elegant. Su Shi called it "the samadhi of broken ink". Also good at green and heavy colors. Those who know it say that it plays a bridge role in the transition from "gold and green" to "ink and wash", and is called "neither ancient nor modern, forming a family within itself". He also writes ink and bamboo, and learns the same thing. Existing paintings include "Smoke River Overlapping Mountains", "Fishing Village Light Snow" and other pictures.