Wei Liaoweng (1178-1237) was a scholar of the Southern Song Dynasty. The courtesy name is Huafu and the nickname is Heshan. A native of Pujiang, Qiongzhou (now part of Sichuan). Qingyuan Jinshi. He became a bachelor in Duanming Palace. Opposing the saying of "no desires" by the Buddha and the Elders, he believed that the sages only talked about "few desires" but not "no desires", and pointed out that "emptiness is the harm of Tao". I admire Zhu Xi's Neo-Confucianism, but I also doubt whether Zhu Xi's commentaries on the classics are completely reliable. He proposed that "the heart is the Tai Chi of human beings, and the human heart is the Tai Chi of heaven and earth." He emphasized the role of "heart" and was close to Lu Jiuyuan. Ling has "The Complete Works of Heshan".

All styles of calligraphy are possible, but this post is a letter to relatives and friends, so it has some flaws. The content talks about border defense, court affairs and some thoughts on one's own advance and retreat. The calligraphy is coherent and the cursive lines are mixed, and there is a sense of wonder in the freshness.

Wenxiang Tiejuan Collection of Shanghai Museum