Wang Zhiwang (1103-1170) was named Zhanshu and Hanbin. A native of Gucheng, Xiangyang (now part of Hubei Province), he lived in Linhai, Taizhou. He was a Jinshi in Shaoxing and moved to the Taifu Shaoqing. In Shaoxing, he once took charge of Sichuan's wealth, and he was especially well-organized when Wan Yanliang, the benefactor, went south. Xiaozong ascended the throne and served as the envoy of Sichuan and Shaanxi. He advocated abandoning the garrison and Deshun, but was impeached and promoted to the palace. Dependence stimulates the thought of retreat. The first argument is that the defense is not enough to rely on, and he opposes Zhang Jun's Northern Expedition to attack Jin. In the second year of Longxing (1164), he was appointed as the counselor of political affairs. He was also the governor of the Privy Council. He advocated peace talks and focused on ceding territory to the enemy. When inspecting Jianghuai, he ordered the generals not to advance rashly. Seventy-two students from the Imperial Academy wrote to him, asking him to behead him and Tang Si to retreat, but they were soon dismissed. A famous poet and calligrapher in the Southern Song Dynasty. There is "Hanbin Collection".