Wang Yansou (1043-1094), also known as Yanlin, was a native of Qingping (now Gaocheng, Shandong). He was extremely smart when he was young. At the age of eighteen, he ranked first in the provincial examinations, provincial examinations, and imperial exams, so he was also called the top one in the Three Yuan Dynasty. Zhezong succeeded to the throne as the supervisory censor, and moved to the right to become the prime minister, the privy minister and the direct bachelor, and signed the affairs of the academy. Skilled in calligraphy, the main calligraphy is vigorous and vigorous. He is the author of "Yi Shi Chun Qiu Biography" and "Han and Wei Gong Fai Lu". Among the handwritten calligraphy handed down from generation to generation are "Autumn and Summer Posts", "Letter with the Magistrate to Appease Zuo Cheng Zizheng", "Child Slips", etc.


Wang Yansou's "Autumn Summer Post", running script. Paper, 26×38cm, collected by the Palace Museum, Beijing

Explanation: Your Excellency asked me about my daily life. The emperor has not recorded it, but I am sincere and sincere, and I dare to beg twice as much in autumn and summer to live longer. The old man from Yanshou came up to ask: If the water is safe, you will always have good luck.


Wang Yansou's "A Letter to the Magistrate to Appease Zuo Cheng Zizheng" in running script. Paper, collected by the National Palace Museum, Taipei

Interpretation: Yansou suddenly opened his eyes to the distant Qing Dynasty, and became more and more interested in the hometown. From time to time, he humiliated the teachings of Fu Cheng. At the beginning of the opening of the mansion, he was comforted by all the blessings. Yan Shen looked forward to the future, only hoped to regulate his sleep and Xing, and relied on him as a deputy. I respectfully request that Yansou visit the magistrate again to appease Zuo Cheng on the 23rd


Wang Yansou's "Notes on the Speech of Chunfu Shi" written in running script. Paper 222.0×29.0 cm

Interpretation: Yansou Qi is a little happy to have come early to meet Mengjiao. He pays homage to Xitaihou Wanfu. He will soon pay homage to Shao Shao and express his gratitude. I would like to express my gratitude without announcing it. Yansou pays his respects again and will serve Chunfu and sit on the podium on the 18th.