Xue Shaopeng's birth and death years are unknown. His courtesy name is Daozu and his name is Cuiwei Jushi. Emperor Shenzong of the Song Dynasty was a native of Chang'an (now Xi'an, Shaanxi Province), and he called himself a "descendant of the Three Phoenixes of Hedong". The son of Gongmin Gong Xue Xiang. Lei Guan Mi Pavilion compiled and compiled it, and knew the road of Zitong. At that time, he was famous for his calligraphy and calligraphy, and he was good at criticism and appreciation. As a friend of Mi Fu, he always appraises each other and evaluates his gains and losses. Zeng engraved Sun Guoting's "Shupu" and handed it down to the world, which is regarded as the refined version by later generations. Mi Fu said: "Xue Shaopeng and Yu had the same love for calligraphy and painting. When they asked questions, Yu played and answered them with poems." Shi Yan Mi Xue or Xue Mi are like brothers or brothers. "Shaopeng worked in regular script, running script, and cursive script, learning from the Jin and Tang Dynasties, and has always been highly praised by calligraphers. Song Gaozong's "Han Mo Zhi" says: "Su, Huang, Mi, and Xue's writing styles are full of twists and turns, and each has their own interesting direction. "Yuan Yu's collection of "Tao Yuan Xue Gu Ling" says: "Mi Yuanzhang, Xue Shaopeng, and Huang Changrui only know the ancient methods. Chang Rui's book is not good, but Shaopeng is the best. "It is also said: "After Nandu, Domi's handwriting was used for the ink calligraphy, while Xue Youyazheng's "Hue Calligraphy" had the most immediate calligraphy. His hand must be a good one, but it is also rare in this world. "Yuan Zhao Mengfu said: "The Taoist ancestors wrote like Wang and the Xie family's children, who have the habit of being romantic. " He also said: "It is not great to escape from the Tang and Song Dynasties and follow the ancient times! " He also said: "Xue Shu is beautiful and sincere, but there is a slight suspicion that he might miss the mark after pressing the mold. "Ming Weisu said: "The one who surpassed the Tang Dynasty people and got the unique writing style of the two kings is Mo Shaopeng Ruo. Zhang Chou of the Ming Dynasty said: "Xue Shu closely hides the edge, which is popular among people in Jin and Song Dynasties. He cherishes the charm of young people." "It is also said: "The laws are strict, there are few changes, and they are ranked under Haiyue Weng. Only Liu Jing and Wu Shuo could dream of it. "Shu Gai" says: "The Taoist ancestors wrote down the methods of the two kings, but their transmission was not as good as that of Gao Zhengchen, Zhang Shaoti and others of the Tang Dynasty. This is because Su and Huang Fang were still reforming at that time, so those who followed the Jin method were in trouble, but as mentioned The elegance and elegance of the book "Poetry on Tower View" will make him famous for generations to come. "

Existing writings include "Yundingshan Poetry Volume", "Qinghe Tie" and so on.