Xian Yushu (1246-1302), also known as Boji, was born in Yuyang (today's Jixian County, Beijing), courtesy name Boji. He was a native of Yuyang (today's Jixian County, Beijing). He was a doctor of official Taichang. Zhao Mengfu admired his calligraphy very much. He once said: "Yu Yushu Ji was a classmate of cursive writing, Bo Ji passed me by a long way, I tried my best to chase him but could not catch him, Bo Ji is gone, and the world is called a servant who can calligraphy. It is said that there is no Buddha who can call you." The calligraphy of the two was called "Two Wonderful" at that time.

His calligraphy achievement mainly lies in cursive writing. Learn cursive script and be able to come up with new ideas. His writing method is very distinctive, using a unique wrist-turning method; he likes to use wolf hair and emphasizes bone strength when writing. Indeed, his cursive writing is strong and full of strength. The writing style is free and natural. His skills are very solid, he can write with his wrist hanging, and his writing is strong. Yuan Bao, a contemporary, said: "The old man who is poor in learning is good at turning his wrist, so his calligraphy is round and vigorous. It may be said that he mostly uses the Tang method. However, he and Boji have known each other for ten years." In the past five or six years, it has been seen that his calligraphy has changed day by day and is better than the common calligraphy of the world." ("Shu Lin Zao Jian") The calligrapher Chen Yi once said: "In this generation, there is only one doctor who is good at hanging wrist calligraphy. When I asked about it, I was angry. He stretched out his arms and said: "Courage! Courage! Courage!" This shows his spirit of daring to innovate. His regular script includes "Preface to Li Yuan's Return to Pangu", which is now in the collection of the Shanghai Museum. His writing style is simple, rigorous and magnificent. There are some self-written poems in cursive writing, such as "Ode to Poems in Big Characters" and "Tang Poems in Cursive Scroll".