Xue Zhi was a calligrapher in the Yuan Dynasty. Zili, born in Yongjia, Wenzhou (now Lucheng District), was the son of Xue Han (? - 1324), a poet of the Yuan Dynasty. Proficient in regular script, he inherited his family's studies and learned from Ouyang Xun. Tao Zongyi's "History of Calligraphy": "Through thinking, one can become rich. He is good at regular script and is meticulous in every painting. He is particularly efficient and has a strong physique." Ming Fengfang's "Book Jue" said: "I learned from my family. The small regular script is used in the epitaph of Luohu of Zhou Dynasty. . Zhongkai Linjianfu Temple Monument."   




Xue Zhi's "To Yunlin Zhengjun" Paper 26X30.3cm Collection of the National Palace Museum, Taipei

  Xue Zhi's "Address to Yunlin Zhengjun", collected by the National Palace Museum in Taipei. Recorded in "The Third Collection of Shiqu Baoji". Published in Taiwan's "Complete Collection of Forbidden City Dharma Books of the Past Dynasties". The ruler slips have 16 lines and a total of 158 characters. Height 26 cm, length 30.3 cm. The calligraphy is careful and thoughtful, and the pen is powerful and thoughtful.

Zhidu bowed his head and paid homage to Yunlin Zhengjun again. Far more desolate than humiliation. The so-called sound is heard in the empty valley. Is it okay? The fairy boat moves quickly. I feel ashamed if I don't receive any money. Don't come to Jichisi. This is my teaching. Good reading. The examination time is quiet. See the fake Minangong Haiyue Temple map. I would like to give it to Shanfu Lu Jun to convey this. This picture is clumsy and ancient. The common eye rarely recognizes it. Seniors tried to comment on his paintings. The rice making is so wonderful that it’s beyond words. Yunlin's chest is clear and open. The writing style is Xiao Yuan. It's so realistic. Can you please send me a piece of paper on the small vertical scroll in your spare time? Visiting the mountain house. Such a right person. The rate is slightly complex. Not a good meeting. I just hope that the order will be completely eliminated. Zhidu bowed his head again.