Yang Weizhen (1296-1370) was also known as Lianfu and Tieya Taoist. A native of Kuaiji (now Shaoxing, Zhejiang). He lived in the chaos of the late Yuan Dynasty, wandered among the mountains and rivers, behaved dissolutely, and together with Lu Juren and Qian Weishan, he was known as the "Three Masters of the Late Yuan Dynasty". His calligraphy skills are very advanced and originated from the Han and Jin Dynasties. He has a good understanding of Suo Jing's Zhangcao, and he can combine the brushwork of Zhangcao, official script and running script and give full play to them. At first glance, his handwriting appears to be swaying and disorganized, but in reality, it is strong and unbridled. If Zhao Mengfu can be compared to a representative of beauty, then he is a model of magnificence. The lyricism of calligraphy is fully displayed here. This can be seen from his works "Chengnan Singing Poetry Book" and "Zhen Jing'an Raising Yuan Shuju".