Yuan Jue (1266-1327), courtesy name Bo Chang, was a native of Yin County, Zhejiang Province. He is a famous writer in the Yuan Dynasty. His mother died seven days after he was born, and he was raised by his maternal grandfather. Yuan Jue studied hard when he was young, and often stayed up all night. Seeing that literature in the late Song Dynasty was in disarray and had few achievements, he took it upon himself to revitalize the literary world. In the early years of Dade in the Yuan Dynasty (AD 1297), he was recommended as an examiner of the Hanlin Academy of National History, a direct bachelor of the Hanlin Academy, a scholar of imperial edicts, and a fellow student of national history. Later, he became a bachelor. He was ordered to complete the grand ceremonies of Chengzong, Wuzong and Renzong, which added many principles for governing the country and ensuring peace. Emperor Yingzong of the Yuan Dynasty appreciated Yuan Jue's erudition very much and ordered him to write the history of the Song, Liao and Jin Dynasties. Yuan Jue also took charge of his duties enthusiastically. Later, it was not completed due to changes in the court. In the early years of Taiding (AD 1324), Yuan Jue resigned and returned to his hometown, where he studied behind closed doors and called himself "Qingrong Jushi".

During his more than 20 years in the court, he was responsible for many of the imperial records and inscriptions on honorary ministers. His articles are proficient and his poems are also elegant. He is also good at calligraphy, and his surviving calligraphy includes "Yatan Tie", "Heyi'an Poetry Tie", "Tongri Fentu Tie", "Old Sui Beigui Tie", etc. He is also accomplished in music and is the author of "Qin Shu". After his death, he was given the title of Dr. Zhongfeng, and participated in politics in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces. He was granted the title of Duke of Chenliu County and was given the posthumous title of Wenqing. He also wrote more than 10 kinds of books, such as "Yi Shuo", "Chun Qiu Shuo", "Qing Rong Jushi Ji", "Yan You Siming Zhi", etc. "Yanyou Records of the Four Ming Dynasties" is one of the Six Records of the Four Ming Dynasties during the Song and Yuan Dynasties.

Yuan Jue's calligraphy is deeply influenced by Zhao Mengfu's thoughts on learning ancient methods. He came from the Jin and Tang Dynasties, and was especially inspired by Liu Gongquan and Mi Fu.