Zhongfeng Mingben (1263-1323), a monk of the Linji sect of the Yuan Dynasty. A native of Qiantang, Hangzhou (Hangxian County, Zhejiang), his common surname is Sun. Also known as Zhijue Zen Master and Puying Guoshi. When I was young, I grew up in Tianmu Mountain and visited the peak of Yuan Miao. He became a monk from Gaofeng at the age of twenty-four and continued his teachings thereafter. Since then, he has lived in no fixed place, either in a boat or in a nunnery. He claims to be a Taoist who lives in a phantom. Monks and laypeople pay homage to him. He is known as the Ancient Buddha of Jiangnan. Renzong once invited him to the inner hall, but the master refused. He only received a golden cassock and the title of "Foci Yuanzhao Guanghui Zen Master", and Yuan Yingzong surrendered to him. Later, he died in August of the third year of Zhizhi, with a lifespan of sixty-one years. There are thirty volumes of extensive records left, and his ink writing is also famous in the world.

His calligraphy is eclectic, and all the calligraphers in the mid-Yuan Dynasty had friends with him. He was the Buddhist master of Zhao Mengfu and his wife, and they had a close relationship with him. However, Zhongfeng Ming's calligraphy is not like Zhao's calligraphy. Most of the calligraphy is casual and rough. Fu is known as the "Willow Leaf Book". His strokes are probably like willow leaves, or like flying willow leaves. Looking at his works, the fonts and sizes are scattered, and there is a sense of harmony.


Zhongfeng Ming version of "Encourage Fate", picture and text information refer to "Chinese Calligraphy" Issue 6, 2001



Nakaho Ming's version of "Yoji Waiter's Police Policy" 31.5X67.3cm Collection of Tokiwayama Bunko, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan