Zhao Yong, courtesy name Zhongmu, was the son of Zhao Mengfu. The year of his birth is unknown, but he died between the 20th and 24th years of the Yuan Dynasty (1360). He entered the official position under the influence of his father, and when he reached the official position, he gathered talents and treated him as a senior official (positive fifth rank). He was the general manager of Huzhou Road and was in charge of government affairs. The painting has a paternal style, with landscapes, figures, flowers and birds, saddles and horses, all of which are his strengths. He is also a calligrapher, inheriting his family's learning of Zhen, Xing and Cursive calligraphy, and his calligraphy is known as "exquisite". In addition, he is also a famous connoisseur of calligraphy and painting, and a volume of "Zhao Daizhi's Posthumous Manuscripts" has been handed down to the world.


Page (detail) of Zhao Yong's "Eight Odes of Changnan", paper, 30.8cm in length, 227.9cm in width, running script. Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing

Zhao Yong's "Eight Odes of Changnan" is sealed with the seal "Zhongmu". On the front of the volume is the seal script "Eight Odes of Zhangnan" written by a judo practitioner, and on the back of the volume are poems written by Liu Lin and Gu Yingxiang. This painting is stamped with three seals: "Collection of Chen Zishou's Family" and "Secret Play of Zishou".
  Zhao Yong's calligraphy structure and stroke characteristics all adhere to the family tradition. "History of Calligraphy" records that Zhao Mengfu said: "I tried to write the Vajra Sutra for Huanzhu Temple before Yong Zu completed it. No one can distinguish the continuation of it." ." This book has a solid structure, profound skills, beautiful form, gentleness and elegance, and has the legacy of Zhao Shu.

Explanation: Eight chants of Zhangnan.
  Tenmu Qingxue
  The silver water in the rain pool is in the clouds, and the rocks are blooming with flowers and auspiciousness. The salt tiger acts as a cold link to the earth, and the jade ao helps the freeze to connect with the sky. The mountains should be thin when shining on people, and the trees are half empty when facing the sun. Only Xiaomei can see her bones clearly, and she only smiles at her true colors in the spring breeze.
  Sunset in Zhuxi River
  When I passed the Zhuxi River, I passed by my neighbor's house, and I saw a wasp in front of me at night. A piece of pure autumn reflects the water, and half of the red sun welcomes the clouds. There is no one fighting for the fishing pole, and the sound of the herdsman's flute subsides as the wild geese fall onto the sand. In the clear and shallow place at the end of the dangerous stone road, only the new moon shines on the plum blossoms.
  Beizhuang Plum Blossom
  The upside down stream is dangerous here, and horizontal branches suddenly appear again in the mountain. I am born with no equal in the world, and I am private in the spring when the flowers are blooming. The sparse shadows lying on the waves are suitable for the night, and the faint fragrance is covered with snow at the same time. It is easy to turn on the floor heating in Jiangnan, and people will immediately express their thoughts.
  Fanwu Liyuan
  In the old days, Fanchuan was a group of snowmen, but the beauty is still there for future generations to see. A branch of fragrance wets the rain at the beginning of the day, and thousands of trees hate the cold weather in spring. If the moon is left, the courtyard should be empty. Who will lean on the balcony when the door is closed? Why should I bring wine under the flowers and wash away my makeup across Su Luan?
  Meixi spring rises
  The snow on the head of Yuqing Peak has disappeared, and there is a horizontal bridge under the purple plum blossoms. The spray sprayed open the Shidou Mountain and toppled it, and the angry waves beat at the stream gate and shook it. Along the shore, white sand gulls can be seen, and mandarin fish are jumping in the red rain all over the river. The Yellow River leads to the Milky Way, and one rides on the river to the blue sky.
  Lone Pine Winter Show
  After breaking through the closed door, the mountains opened up, and the clouds rose above the trees, calling for dragons. Qingtian Laogai is thousands of feet high, and his proud snow is superior to all talents. Over the years, the roots are strong and become jade, and the wind and rock ravines sound like thunder. The pale face does not change but remains the same, looking forward to bamboo and plum blossoms through the ages.
  Fuyu Wanjiao
  In front of the Baiyu Mountain, there are piles of beautiful flowers, so the beauty is chilled. The heavenly fragrance spreads over the ambergris cake, and the national color spreads across the agate plate. The precious thousands of flowers are in charge of the spring, and the drunkenness meets the third month. Since Li Bai wrote the poem, ordinary people are not allowed to read it.
  Shidai night flight
  Before the wind blows down the mountain, the stone drums along the stream do not hinder the boat. The shadow of the sail flutters across the sand and rises to the moon, and the sound of the oar shakes the water and the sky. Canglang sings in search of autumn, and the black crane sings alone to make me sleep at night. The journey has been shared by the whole world. In what year will we return to Yue?
  Ling Meng wrote poems and Zhao Zhongmu wrote poems.