Xu Guangzuo's birth and death is unknown. He was born in Renhe, Zhejiang (now Wenling County, Zhejiang). About Ming Shenzong was alive before the end of Wanli. At the beginning of Wanli, he was in the township and knew Taiping County. Noh poetry, simple style, and author of "Xu Lingchang Collection (许灵长集)". Artistic deeds are contained in more than twenty kinds of classics. Good books can be true, deed, and grassy. "Hangzhou Chronicles (杭州志)" said: "Guangzuo and Tang Huan (word Yaowen, name Linchu. Longqing Juren, Jiangyin instructs. Later enlisted for the imperial imperial imperial edict, transferred to the county Cheng. The works include "Travel Xishan Poetry Ink Spot (游西山诗册墨迹)" Waiting to be passed down to the world.) In the same county, the calligraphy was obtained, and the people of the time were called "Tang, Xu".

Xu Guangzuo "The Axis of Cursive Poems"