Xiang Mu (1605-1691) calligrapher during the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty. The son of the great collector Xiang Yuanbian, first named Dezhi, later renamed Mu, Yi Zi Dechun, named Zhenyuan, also known as untitled. People from Xiushui (now Jiaxing, Zhejiang). Official book. In the Jin and Tang dynasties, the masters of calligraphy, none of them could not, but the heart-tracing follower Yi was less, a little degraded, and Ouyang Xun was the same as the world's father Yuan Qi, and the "Shuangmei Tie (双美帖)" was published. Mu was born in the home of Bogu Appreciation, and his poems are all authentic with his sense of elegance and friendship. He wrote "Calligraphy Elegant Words (书法雅言)" and "Yuan Zhenzi Poems (元贞子诗草)".