Xu Ben (1335-1393) was born in the Chinese character Bei Guosheng, a native of Shu (Sichuan), lived in Changzhou, Jiangsu, and moved to the north of Suzhou city, and was named Bei Guosheng. Recruited in the seventh year of Hongwu (1st, 7th, 4th), the government was exhausted in Henan. Later, the officers and soldiers crossed the border, rewarded the lost time, and went to prison to die. Gong poetry, good at painting, was called one of the ten talented people at that time. He is good at painting landscapes, using Dong Yuan and Ju Ran, the pictures are stained with the meaning of mountains and mountains, Lin Shi You Zhuozhuo cute, the brush and ink are pure and moist, and the ink and bamboo are also fine. The lower-case method is Zhong Jianyu, which is neat and cautious, not pretentious. Its cursive script is tight and ups and downs, and it goes to Xu and Qin, all dripping and healthy.

Xu Ben "Ti Zhuo Qingxuan Poem (题濯清轩诗)" on paper, regular script, 17.6 cm in length and 7 cm in width, collected by the Palace Museum, Beijing

This page is handed down from Xu Ben's calligraphy, which is neat and cautious, quiet and lovely, and has the style of Ni Yunlin.