The date of Xing Cijing's birth and death is unknown. A native of Linyi (Shandong). Sister Xing Tong. Ma Zheng's wife, Zuobuzheng, Guizhou. Calligraphy Zong Li, Wei, and quite similar to his brothers. The master of Zhushi and Bai Miao, Zong Guan Sheng. The hair embroiderer is extremely sophisticated. In addition to Sesi, another path is taken, and those who see it are astonished as acupuncture gods. Gong Poetry, author of "Fei Fei Cao (非非草)". The calligraphy is almost similar to his brother Xing Tong, imitating ancient kung fu quite deeply, the pen is vigorous, smooth and handsome.

"The Book of Cursive Lin Wang Xi (草书临王羲之书)"