Xu Lan's birth and death year is unknown, with the word Xiufu. A native of Yuyao, Zhejiang. Good ink-and-wash grapes, whose branches and vines are round and round, hide the six characters "the world is scarce, and the world is nothing". The running script is like Zhao Mengfu. According to Ningbo House Zhiyun: Xu Lan is named Fangyuan, named Nantang. The first Yuyao people, and then Tu Yin (now Ningbo, Zhejiang) were all living. Concentrate on calligraphy. The master of the calligraphy Zhong You and the master of the cursor Wang Xianzhi are both honest and strong, and they are more and more popular. You Jing's Six Books, exquisite and stippling, are just the error. For the strange characters of ancient Chinese, the brushwork is well-rounded. At the beginning of the eighteenth year, Cai Yong, and in his later years he participated in his own wishes, people said that his book and Cheng Nanyun went hand in hand. There is no imaginary day for those seeking. Lan Yigao confided himself, and sometimes used the position to make Yu Li cause it, and screamed at him with blank eyes, and said: How can I be evil? People are more important. You Jin Xie Lin Langyun: At the same time as Fengfang, Xu Lan is good at writing official characters, not from Han people, but from Song Luling Zhu Xieji. The stone carvings of Jingzhaizhen in Xieji's book are unable to calligraphy and painting, and they are vulgar and hateful. The latter are as good as the Xu family, and they also suffered from it. Doubt is the person, with knowledge for examination.

He is the author of a volume of "Shu Jing Ti Yao (书经体要)".


Xu Lan "The Lishu Like Praise (隶书像赞)"