Zhang Ruitu's "Cursive Scroll of Du Fu Gaodu Protecting the Horses" (detail) 25.8×456cm Collection of Hubei Provincial Museum

Interpretation: Gao Du protects Cong Ma Xing
  Hu Qingcong, the protector of Anxi, came to Xiangdong with his voice.
This horse is invincible for a long time in battle and can achieve great success with others.
Success and benefits will follow you, and they will come from afar from the quicksand.
His majestic appearance has not been favored by anyone, and his fierce energy is still thinking about the battlefield.
The wrists and hooves are as high as iron railings, and the ice cracks when crossing the river.
The five flowers are scattered all over the body, and the sweat and blood can be seen thousands of miles away.
The strong men in Chang'an dare not ride, but they will know when they walk through the city and the lightning will turn on.
The man with blue silk hair and his hair is an old man, so why should he go out of his way? )