A long scroll of Bao Zhao and Lu Ji's poems in cursive script. Silk. 272 ​​cm long and 32 cm wide. Private collection.
Qijie (quilt) has two long-lasting designs. The corner pillows are already in place. May you rest early. Stay tuned for the spring. Bao Zhao imitates (study) the ancient leisure night life of happy (happy) friends. Set up (set up) wine in the Wind Pavilion. Qitong Liangfu (Fu) chanted. Qin E Zhang Nu plays. The sound of mourning surrounds Dongyu. The legacy is heard in Yunhan. Sitting (seat) is Comrade Xian. The wine glass cannot be counted. Gao Tanyi He Qi. The sky is as bright as the morning glow. There is (no) geometry in life. For joy there is always suffering. Like him waiting for the morning bird. Raise your voice as soon as possible. He is always worried and suffering. Keep this poverty and lowliness. Lu Ji plans a poem for today's good banquet