Xu Wei's "White Swallow Poems in Cursive Script" is 30 cm long and 420.5 cm wide. Collection of the Shaoxing Municipal Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology. Four self-written poems "Baiyan Poems" were recorded. The poem volume consists of the last three poems. In early 1984, it was handed over to the Shaoxing Cultural Management Committee for safekeeping.

Explanation: Bai Yan's Poems: Flying to the West and Hou Qingyang every year. Where is the famous garden of flowers and hair hidden? The emperor's suburbs are auspicious. The host terrace has a glow. Qinghan skimmed the rain and cut it for the first time. The smaller the wake wind becomes, the longer it becomes. Returning thousands of miles eastward, it is easy to see that everything is gone. Hai Tianyuan is Baiyun Township. For a while, partners should be rare. Nor is it a long encounter by sea, air or air. The Han Dynasty threw Lao into Yumen. Concubine Zhao is waiting for someone to return home on a snowy night. Back in the summer, the cold snow shakes. As the autumn sky descends, feathered garments appear. But he said that Zhumen had no trust. Yulou Tian takes office and flies high. The plain wall and red fragrance shine on the garden wall. The blooming flowers are full of feathers and fragrant flowers. Frost confuses thousands of tiles and lives alone. The grass is green and the shadows of the embankments are cool. The mica screen is deep and the sleeves are low. The crystal curtain moves and flows yellow. The butterflies in the West Garden are rogue. Dark pink dust floats on the Begonia. Four poems by Bai Yan. The book is like Zhennan Zhu Neishi's smile. Tianchi Xu Wei.