Huaisu's cursive calligraphy "Tibet Zhenlu Gongtie", 140 cm in length and 49 cm in width, is now in the Forest of Steles in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province.

  The stone is vertically square and was re-engraved in the eighth year of Song Yuanyou (1093). Both posts are plain calligraphy written by Shihuai of the Tang Dynasty.

  "Zang Zhen Tie" has fifty-six characters, and the explanation is: "Huai Su, courtesy name Zang Zhen, was born in Lingling. He traveled to Zhongzhou late in the evening. He hated not being acquainted with Zhang Dian for a long time. When he was near Luoxia, he happened to meet Yan Shangshu Zhen. Qing Ziyun said that the writing method of long history is quite popular. If you hear this method, you will gain something."

  "Lv Gong Tie" is divided into two sections, one of which is 25 characters long. The explanation is: "Those who do good things to Lv Gong will do it several times before and after, and then they will have a small rise in Huaisu, which can be hidden deep in the box, Huaisu." Another paragraph of sixty-seven characters is explained as follows: "The poor man often suffers from athlete's foot and is extremely depressed. He often takes Sanhuang Decoction. If the wind ailments and the heart often feel like a knife, he can take the prescription several times, otherwise the guests will be very worried." It is a good thing that the Duke of Law can step up and ask the poor Taoist to draw up the draft. If the soldiers are not fully aware of it, the ascetics will be white."

  These two posts are also accompanied by inscriptions and postscripts engraved by Jingyou and Yuanyou, and poems in cursive script engraved by Li Bai presented to Huaisu by You Shixiong.