Zhang Xu, a calligrapher of the Tang Dynasty, also named Bogao, was one of the Eight Immortals in Drinking along with Li Bai, He Zhizhang and others. Emperor Wenzong of the Tang Dynasty once issued an edict to regard Li Bai's poetry, Pei Min's sword dance, and Zhang Xu's cursive calligraphy as the "three wonders". He also worked in poetry, and together with He Zhizhang, Zhang Ruoxu and Bao Rong, he was known as the "Four Scholars in Wuzhong". The handwritten writings handed down from ancient times include "Tie of Belly Pain" and "Four Notes of Ancient Poems".


"Four Ancient Poems in Cursive Script"
Collection of Liaoning Provincial Museum, ink copy, five-color paper, 40 lines, 188 words. It is said to be the work of Zhang Xu and is extremely precious. Among its contents, the first two are "Buxu Ci" by Yu Xin, and the last two are "Zan of Prince Jin" and "Zan of Four or Five Young Men" by Xie Lingyun of the Southern Dynasty (suspected to be forged). The strokes throughout the text are full and there are no weak or slippery strokes. The writing is ups and downs, intertwined with movement and stillness, and the paper is filled with clouds of smoke. It is truly the pinnacle of cursive writing. Modern person Guo Zixu said: "Four Notes on Ancient Poems can be said to be the crystallization of Zhang Xu's entire life. It is a model of genius beauty and natural beauty, the essence of national art, and a symbol of eternal beauty."


The Jiuzhi cover is in the East Ming Dynasty, and the Five Cloud Cart is the candle in the North. Floating into the reverse scene, disappearing into the haze. Jade slides under the spring spring, and blue birds fly toward the golden flower. The Emperor of the Han Dynasty looked at peach stones, and the Marquis of Qi asked about the flowers of thorns (the original poem was jujube). You should go to Yuanjiu and visit the Cai family together.

The North Palace is adjacent to Danshui, and the South Palace is surrounded by Jiangyun. The jade slips were printed with dragon clay (the original poem was used as a guide), and the true writing was practiced in the fire. In the Shangyuan Dynasty, the wind and rain dispersed, and Brother Zhongtian (the original poem was a song) blew the wind. Xu (the original poem is spirit) rides up Qianxun, and the fragrance in the sky can be smelled thousands of miles away.

Xie Lingyun Prince Jinzan
Good quality is not inferior to beauty, and it will be difficult to survive for thousands of years. The Imperial Palace is not cheap, how can it be as high as heaven? The prince returned to Qingkuang, and there was a real uproar in the area. When Xuan saw Duke Fuqiu, he and you turned over it together.

Iwashita's husband is liked by four or five teenagers
Hengshan herb collectors also lose food when they get lost on the road. I sat down under the Shiyan Rock and talked about the correct views. One old, four and five young, why don't you say goodbye to immortality? His books are not worldly teachings, but his people must be sages.