Han Yujin’s interpretation of cursive script (part), length 49.1 cm, width 795.5 cm, collected by the Capital Museum in Beijing

The original text of "Jinxuejie" is a famous article written by Han Yu in the Tang Dynasty. This volume was written by Xian Yushu in running script and cursive script. The full text has a total of 108 lines, with each line ranging from two to two crosses. The first half is mainly written in running script, and the second half is mainly written in cursive script. It is free and natural, written in one go, with firmness, softness, and frustration, and a clear rhythm. Such as ink painting, high, low, far and near, ups and downs. It is a masterpiece among Xian Yushu's works. There are white seals of "Xian Yu Shu Bo Ji Fu" and Zhu Wen seals of "Yu Yang" and "Hu Lin Yin Li". The following paper contains two postscripts by Liu Zhi and Ban Weizhi of the Yuan Dynasty.
Liu Zhi (1280-1334), whose courtesy name was Shizhong and nicknamed Buzhai, was from Shanxi. The style of this postscript belongs to the style of Zhao Mengfu, but it is slightly clumsy.
Ban Weizhi (date of birth and death unknown), courtesy name Yangong and nickname Shuzhai, was born in Kaifeng, Henan. He was a disciple of Deng Wenyuan, a famous calligrapher in the Yuan Dynasty. He followed Deng to write the Tripitaka in gold for the royal family, and his calligraphy was renowned throughout the world. The style of this postscript is sweet, elegant and charming.


Mr. Guozi came to Taixue in the morning, summoned all the students to stand in the hall, and taught: "The work is accomplished by diligence, and the waste is by play. Action is achieved by thinking, and destroyed by following. Now that the sages and sages meet, the tools of governance are completed. Pull it out. Fierce and evil, Chongxing Junliang. Those who account for small good deeds will be recorded, and those who are famous for their skills are all mediocre. Climbing and picking, scraping and polishing. If you are lucky enough to be selected, who has too many clouds and is not promoted? All the karma in your life are suffering. If you are unable to be precise, you are not suffering from the misunderstanding of the Secretary; if you are unable to succeed, you are not suffering from the unfairness of the Secretary." Before he finished speaking, someone laughed and said, "Sir, you are bullying me! I have been doing this for you for a long time. Mr. He is constantly reciting the articles of the six arts, and his hands are constantly covering the compilations of hundreds of schools of thought. Those who note the events must mention their essentials, and those who compile them must describe their mysteries. If you are greedy for more, you must get more, and you will not donate small or large things. Burn anointed oil to continue the sundial, Hengwuwu has been living in poverty for a long time. My husband's work can be said to be diligent. He suppressed heretics and denounced Buddhas and elders. He repaired the leaks and left the emperor in the dark. Looking for the vastness of the falling thread, he searched far away from Shao alone. He blocked hundreds of rivers and headed to the east. , the storm has fallen. Mr. Confucianism can be said to be a labor of love. He is deeply immersed in Confucianism and contains English and Chinese. As an article, his books are full of books. Looking at Yao Si, it is boundless; "Gao" of Zhou Dynasty and "Pan" of Yin Dynasty "Chunqiu" is cautious, "Zuo Shi" is exaggerated; "Yi" is strange but methodical, "Shi" is upright but wonderful. "Zhuang" and "Sao" are recorded by Taishi; Ziyun and Xiangru, They have the same purpose but different tunes. What Mr. Wang is good at in writing can be said to be incomparable with others! He only knows how to learn when he is young and has the courage to do things. He has long been able to understand the direction and is suitable for both left and right sides. Mr. Wang is a perfect person as a person. However, he does not believe in public opinion. When it comes to others, he doesn't help his friends. He often gets blamed for his postscripts. He was a censor for a while, and then fled to Nanyi. After three years of doctorate, he didn't see any treatment. How long will fate and hatred be defeated? The winter is warm. The number is cold, the years are good, but the wife is crying and hungry. The first child has chipped teeth, what’s the use of dying? I don’t care about this, (but) I teach people!”
The master said: "Hey! Come forward. The big wood is locust, and the thin wood is cypress. The dwarfs are plucked, the dwarfs are plucked, and the wedges are wedged. Each one finds his own suitability. Those who use it to build a house are also the work of the craftsman. Yuzha and cinnabar are the work of the craftsman. , red arrows, green sesame, oxen, puffballs, and the skin of broken drums, all collected and kept until all are used, this is the best doctor (teacher). When the emperor chooses the public, mix in the skillful and clumsy, and the rest will become the beauty, Zhuo Nao is an outstanding person, he has a short command and a good measure, but the only one who has the right equipment is the prime minister.
In the past, Mencius was good at arguing and was very knowledgeable. The track circles the world, and the dead are old and wise. Xun Qing kept upright and promoted his great discussions. Fleeing from slander in Chu, he destroyed Lanling and died. These two Confucians speak their words into the scriptures and use their actions to form the Dharma. Unparalleled and estranged from the world, how will it be like in the world if you enter the holy realm?
Although Mr. Today is diligent in his studies, he does not lose track of his tradition. Although he talks a lot, he does not focus on them. Although the writing is wonderful, it is not useful; although the conduct is cultivated, it is not obvious to the public. Still, the monthly salary is only a few millimeters of millet per year. The son doesn't know how to plow, the woman doesn't know how to weave. Riding on a horse and following a disciple, he sat down and ate. During the regular battles, he spied on the Chens and compiled them to steal. However, the Holy Lord did not punish him, and the ministers did not reprimand him. Isn't it a blessing? If you move, you will be slandered, and your name will follow. It is better to divide them if they are idle and scattered. If the husband is concerned about the presence or absence of financial bribes, he will be considered as the leader of the class. The term "forgetting one's own measure" refers to the flaws of predecessors. This is the so-called Jiejian family who does not use the 杙 as a couplet, but the Zi doctor uses the prosperous yang to bring in the new year and wants to enter his 訨豨ling. "