Chen Chun's "Scroll of Seven-Character Poetry in Cursive Script", paper, length 154.6 cm, width 64.5 cm, collected by the Palace Museum, Beijing

   Explanation of the poem "On a Spring Day in the Field House, the Scenic Spot of Kaiseki Lake" written in cursive script: "The beautiful spring scenery on the pavilion overlooking the lake allows visitors to be intoxicated by the setting sun. I also want to go fishing in a boat, and leave me to wander in the bamboo forest."  
   "The farmhouse in Kasuga is as beautiful as Lake Kaiseki. The road is restored."
   The seal is "A man from Baiyang Mountain" (Bai Wenzhengfang). Appraisal seals: "Qizhan Mo Yuan" (Zhu Wenzhengfang), "Once in Zhu Qizhan's home" (Zhu Wenzhengfang).
  The stipples in this book are vigorous, the writing force is mature and strong, and the starting and ending of the pen and the turning points are all calm and powerful. The layout and momentum of the entire article capture the charm of Zhu Yunming's cursive script. Xu Wei once said, "The Taoist flower flower is a great one, and the cursive script is like flying." It was once collected by Zhu Qizhan. (