Chen Chun's Song Zhiwen Qiu Lian Fu, paper, collected by Liaoning Museum

(Previously missing: Ruofu's secret tuck in the west city, the immortal flow in the north, seeing the white dew falling first, saddened by the red flowers in the autumn. The flowers of the past) The mandarins are all beautiful, the hair is fragrant, the king's gate is closed nine times, and the soldiers and guards are in full bloom. Thousands of columns. The green leaves and branches cover the pond, and the flags are shining brightly, and the sword is shining brightly. The sparse bridges are cracked, the exchanges are mutually fertile, the four circles are red and forbidden, and the three turns are bright. Looking at it at dawn, it looks like neon clothes are turning towards Yujing; looking at it at night, it looks like the clouds are shining on her Huchicheng. It's like the Qin girl's beautiful sun and the sound of the phoenix, or like the Luo concubine picking up the green leaves and being startled by the red sun, which is enough to make the Yao grass fade and the fragrant trees be ruthless. When we return to the road, we will interrogate music; when we leave the palace, we will belong to each other; when we fly into the pavilion, we will fly into the Zhou hut; when we are paved with gold, we will remove the jade. The king's carriage is graceful, the lotus leaves are sparse, thousands of carriages are stationed in colorful cavalry, and the six palaces are happy to rest on their trains. When you look up to the immortals and you are virtuous, when you look at the Yuan Dynasty but your spirit is empty, how can you be like me when the stream is full of swamps, you are born and you die, the sea is full of rivers and rivers, and the mist is thousands of miles away. A Han girl travels to Xiang'e, wearing jade and playing in the clear whirlpool. There is a magnolia tree in the middle of the stream, and a lotus plucking song is played in the quiet spring. From the south of the Yangtze River to the north of Da Nang, there is Tingzhou, which is not very far. There is a fragrant sand city and a long and helpless water country. Little did he know that the springs transplanted from the sky are filled with fragrance and immortals, and the moon dew on the delicate purple platform contains the wind and smoke of the jade world. Miscellaneous flowers are illuminated by candles, and various colors are used to communicate with each other. The boats are green and jade, and the trees and corals are bright and green. The husband is alive. The spring breeze is blowing in the daytime, the sun is shining brightly, the young peaches are all gone, the plum blossoms are gone, and the beauty is coming out of the embankment. It's time to thank the husband. Autumn is gray and golden, the sky is full of gold, the locust trees in the palace are sparse and the well trees are changing, and the wind is blowing coldly. Returning to its roots, it is beautiful in eight and nine months, and its transformations are endless for tens of millions of years. People have been looking at it for a long time, and Zheng Nu picked it for no reason. How can deep roots be solidified? What is the unique fragrance? Don't wait to make a hero, mourn the autumn song jade, play with the early red when summer comes, and mourn the remaining green at the dusk of autumn. The Yantai is full of ceremony, but the people are not Chucai. The mist is filled with orchids for the pavilion, and the gold and silver wine is filled with lotus for the cup. The fallen flowers are lingering, the wind is turning and they are decaying. The yellow leaves are sprinkled with brocade stones, and the white apples are lingering and covered with green moss. The cold and heat are vast and the metabolism is changing, so new leaves and flowers come and go. Why is autumn so sad? Tofu Rong acts as a matchmaker.

From the You Song Dynasty, "Wen Qiu Lian Fu" was written by Guimao Qiu Ri and made a small picture in the Fengmu Hall of Baiyang Mountain Residence. Tao Fu Ji