Fu Shan's "Five-Character Poem in Cursive Script Qiankun Only This Matter" scroll 122.4x51.7cm Collection of Shanghai Museum

Explanation: The universe is only about this matter, no matter ancient or modern. A cup of wine and two whites, three spring grasses in the heart. The Zhongshan Rabbit pen is here, and I am drunk and confused. The prime minister is old and frugal, and his family's reputation is the shadow of the Han Dynasty. The cup is deep in love with the clouds and the moon, and the feathers of colorful dancing birds are soaked in it. The world is hard to be broken, so let's get involved with each other. The birthday celebration poem is for Xu Weng to persuade his old father-in-law to drink wine. The old man who came from Huang and his younger brother Fu Shan.