This volume contains eighteen poems by Tang Dynasty poet Meng Haoran, including "Ascending Xian Mountain with the Scholars". The whole volume is connected with paper three times, with a total of 114 lines. At the end of the book, it reads: "Zhang Shanren holds this piece of paper to ask for a book, in the snow. I carefully researched the remaining ink and added eighteen poems by Meng." The inscription is "Mountain" and the lower seal is "Fu Shan's private seal". This piece has no hidden seal, and the exact time of writing is unknown.
  Fu Shan advocated in the art of calligraphy "It is better to be clumsy than skillful, to be ugly rather than flattering, to be detached rather than slippery, to be sincere and forthright rather than arranged." The calligraphy in this volume is free and strange, with characters that are not connected to each other, and the knots are straight and straight. It is simple and vigorous, but the brushwork is constantly connected. It fully embodies the characteristics of Fu Shan's calligraphy art and is also the final contribution to his calligraphy aesthetics. Good interpretation. This volume is regarded as the best work of Fu Shan's cursive script and represents the highest artistic level of Fu Shan's middle and late cursive script.

  Explanation of Meng Haoran's Poetry Volume in Cursive Script
  People and affairs undergo metabolism, and exchanges become ancient and modern. The mountains and rivers have left traces of their beauty, and we will come again in this generation. The fish beam is shallow when the water falls, and the dream is deep when the weather is cold. The Yanggong Monument is still there, with splashes of ink and tears staining its lapels.
  In August, the lake is horizontal, but the water is too clear. The steam is rising over the Yunmengze, and the waves are shaking Yueyang City. If you want to help without a boat, you will live in the shameful sage. Sitting and watching the fishermen, it is easy to envy the fish.
  In February, the lake water is clear and spring birds are singing every time. The forest flowers are swept away, and the paths are revived by the grass. Drinking companions come to meet each other, and we respect each other to relax together. When the cup is in hand, the singing girl should not stop talking.
  Bei Que Xiu wrote a letter, and Nanshan returned to my hut. If you don't know your talent, you will give up. If you are sick, you will lose friends. Gray hair makes you grow old, and green hair makes you grow old. Always pregnant with (sorrow) and unable to sleep, the window is empty at night under the pine moon.
  Proud officials are extraordinary officials, and famous people are Taoists. Living in seclusion and being invisible, there is no reward for speaking high. The water is close to the source of immortality, and the mountains hide ghosts and valleys. Come to the lost place again and ask about the fishing boat under the flowers.
  Although there are few things going on in the forest garden, it is quiet and lonely. Sit with the curtain open towards the evening, the leaves in the courtyard are falling slightly. Birds stay in the smoke trees, and fireflies fly near the water. I am grateful to have a child together, but I will never return to Beijing.
  There is no need to wait in silence, and I return to the sky. I want to find fragrant grass, but I regret not meeting my old friend. Who knows who is lying on the road? Good friends are rare in the world. You should only stay lonely and cover the door of your hometown.
  The road to Wulingchuan is narrow, and the front door enters the flower forest. In the mysterious source of darkness, how deep the faith of the immortal family is. The water returns to the green peaks, and the clouds cover the green streams. Sit and listen to the roar of the ape, and clear your mind from the dust.
  In autumn, poets flourish, and those who sing and sing are rare. Traveling across the lake and mooring together, we will chant and reflect on each other. Bai Jiantu recommended, Cangzhou has already brushed his clothes. When the sea of ​​clouds disappears, who wouldn’t envy Hongfei?
  Where the Dragon Elephant is walking, he crosses the stone pass on the mountainside. I have always been obsessed with the green mountains, and I love the leisurely green flowers. Feasting under the flower forest and chatting among the bamboo islands. The few things that are separated from the world are suspected to be in Jishan.
  Where is the Dubu man? There is an old building in Songyang. In the cold years of the year, I asked the elders about their past, and went to the county to support the princes. Yang Mang looks out to the north, and Ju Zhang flows to the east. When you meet a close friend among guests, you no longer have to worry about traveling abroad.
  Hundreds of miles of thunder shook, and the strings stopped playing for a while. The company rode out from the mansion and waited on the river to watch the tide. The autumn clouds are shining brightly, and the floating sky is wide. The stormy waves come like snow, and it's cold when you sit down.
  Yi Gong practices meditation and silence, and the sky is tied to the empty forest. There is a beautiful peak outdoors and deep ravines in front of the steps. The sun sets and the rain falls, the sky is green and the courtyard is overcast. When you look at the lotus flower, you should know that it will not contaminate your mind.
  By the white crane and the green rock, a secluded person lives in seclusion. The steps and courtyards are empty of water and stones, and the woods and gullies are filled with woodcutter and fishermen. As time goes by, the green pines grow old, and the wind and frost make the bamboos sparse. Seeing that I am nostalgic for my business, I will return to my house with my plan.
  The ninth day is not yet ten days old, and this is the morning of the Double Ninth Festival. Climb high to hear stories, and visit secluded people with wine. They took off their hats and drank happily, while giving out clothes and trying out new ones. Cornus officinalis is really admirable, and it can be taken away to show affection to relatives.
  The sea of ​​clouds visits Ou and Fujian, and the wind and waves touch the shore of the island. How on New Year's Eve, I get to see my hometown new. I am a passenger, and you are a lost person. How many times in my life can I see each other again and again?
  Hanging on the mat and looking southeast, green mountains and rivers are far away. Boats and boats compete for profit, and they come and go at will. Ask me what is the right time to visit the stone bridge on the rooftop. Sitting and watching the sunset, I suspected it was the symbol of Akagi.
  It was noon when I left the valley, and it was already dusk when I got home. Looking back at the road down the mountain, I saw herds of cattle and sheep. The woodcutter is secretly missing each other, and the grass and insects are cold and unheard. The Hengmen is still open, and he is standing there waiting for his husband.
  Zhang Shanren held this piece of paper and asked for a book. He carefully studied the remaining ink in the snow and wrote eighteen poems by Meng. Mountain.