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Zhu Yunming's cursive "Preface to Prince Teng's Pavilion with Poems" volume, paper, 32.9 cm in length and 842.6 cm in width. Collection of Suzhou Museum.

The cursive script "Preface to Prince Teng's Pavilion with Poems" is his masterpiece when he was 56 years old. The long scroll contains nearly a thousand words, "running snakes, flying dragons, sudden rains and whirlwinds", all written in one go. It has the power of traveling on the water, with endless changes. Zhu Yunming's calligraphy has a variety of features, and each volume has its own emotional style. For example, this cursive calligraphy uses a small and hard brush, and the strokes are thin, vigorous and graceful. They are swayed vertically and horizontally, filling the paper with clouds and smoke, and tend to have a lingering legacy. There is still a state of restraint in the early part of the whole volume, but as it progresses, it becomes more and more liberated and comfortable. Finally, it gradually enters the state of transformation and is sublime and self-satisfied. The whole volume of cursive script often uses connecting strokes and ligatures, so that when the mood arises, the strokes are self-generating, the sizes are consistent, the top, bottom, left, and right, and the beginning and end are reflected, all of which can achieve a wonderful artistic conception. Zhang Fengyi once quoted Huang Mianzhi's song when he was writing a scroll of Zhu Yunming's cursive script: "Zhishan cursive script is unparalleled in the world. How wonderful is it that it is unique to Sanwu." It is true that after Zhu Yunming, the calligraphy style of the Wu family changed and created the most representative A new dimension of sex. From then on, the Wumen Calligraphy School emerged - a large number of well-known calligraphers, becoming the largest and most influential local school in the country at that time.

Explanation: Preface and poem to Prince Teng's Pavilion. The old county of Nanchang is the new mansion of Hongdu. The stars are divided into wings and the ground is connected to Henglu. The treasures are abundant, the dragon's light shines on the ruins of the bullfight; the outstanding people and places, Xu Ru sits on Chen Fan's couch. Xiongzhou is surrounded by mist, and the stars are galloping. The Taihuang rests on the intersection of Yi and Xia, and the guests and hosts enjoy the beauty of the southeast. The commander-in-chief Yan Gong is looking forward to the elegant look, and the halberd is coming far away; the Yifan of Yuwen Xinzhou is temporarily staying with the curtain. In the ten days of leisure, there are many friends who are successful; I am welcomed from thousands of miles away, and the house is full of distinguished friends. Soaring dragons and rising phoenixes are the poets of Meng Xueshi; purple lightning and clear frost are the arsenal of General Wang. The master of the family is the butler, and the road is well-known; how can a boy know that he will be rewarded with victory? It is only September, and the order belongs to the third autumn. When the water is gone, the cold pond is clear, and the smoke condenses and the mountains are purple at dusk. I'm on the road, visiting the scenery in Chong'a; I'm near the emperor's son's Changzhou, and I've found the immortal's old pavilion. The mountains are towering with greenery, and the sky rises above them; the flying pavilions flow with elixirs, and there is no ground below. The love of cranes, pavilions and birds is the lingering feeling of poor islands; the Guidian orchid palace is the shape of hills and mountains. Being embroidered, looking down at the carved beast, the mountains are wide and the mountains are vast, and the Sichuan River is full of horror. Luyan rushes to the ground, the home of bells and tripods; the ships and boats are in the maze, the axis of green birds and yellow dragons. The rainbow disappears in the rain, and the color shines through the clouds. The falling clouds and the solitary owl fly together, and the autumn water becomes the same color as the sky. The fishing boat sings late, and the sound is heard on the Pengli shore; the wild geese are frightened by the cold, and the sound is broken by the Hengyang Pu. The distant chanting is smooth, and the joy is flying. The cool breeze blows and the cool breeze blows, the slender song condenses and the white clouds stop. The green bamboos in the Sui Garden are like the bottles that carry the air to Pengze; the red flowers in the Ye River are like the brushes that illuminate Linchuan. Four beautiful things, two are difficult to combine; poor in admiring the sky, extremely entertaining in leisure days. The sky and the earth are vastly different, and I feel the infiniteness of the universe. When joy and sorrow come, I realize that there are countless ups and downs. I hope that Chang'an will be safe under the sun, and that Wu will be in the clouds. The terrain is extreme but the southern sky is deep, the sky pillar is high and the northern star is far away. The mountains are difficult to overcome, who feels sad for those who have lost their way? When we meet by chance, we are all guests from a foreign land. When Emperor Huai disappeared, how old was the Xuan Dynasty? Woohoo! The fortunes are uneven and the fate is misfortune; Feng Tang is easy to grow old, but Li Guang is difficult to seal. Qu Jiayi in Changsha is not without a holy master; when Liang Hong travels to Haiqu, is there no lack of bright time? It depends on the gentleman to be in poverty and the wise man to know his destiny. When you are old and strong, you would rather have a white-headed heart? Be poor and strong, and never fall into the clouds. Drinking from the greedy spring makes you feel refreshed, and you still feel happy when you are in a dry road. Although Beihai is on credit, it can be picked up if it swings; the east corner is gone, but it is not too late to mulberry trees. Meng Chang is noble and noble, and has no intention of serving the country; Ruan Ji is rampant, how can he cry at the end of the road! Bo, three feet of micro life, a scholar. There is no way to ask for a tassel, waiting for the weak crown of the final army; if you have a heart, you throw a pen, and you admire the emperor's long wind. I gave up my hairpin and wat when I was a hundred years old, and carried it to my family at dawn and dusk for thousands of miles. It is not the precious tree of the Xie family, but the family of the Meng family. He is approaching the court day by day, asking to accompany the carp; this morning, I am holding my arms with him, and I am happy to support him at the dragon gate. When Yang Yi doesn't meet, he touches Ling Yun and feels sorry for himself; when Zhong Qi meets him, why should he be ashamed to play the flowing water? Woohoo! The resort does not last forever, and the grand feast is hard to come back; the Orchid Pavilion is gone, and the ruins of Zizeqiu are gone. The parting words are due to the kindness of Wei Xie; the climb to a high place to compose a poem is the wish of the public. Dare to be sincere and sincere, respectful and short quotations; every word is full of poems, and all four rhymes are completed: King Teng's high pavilion is near the river, and he wears jade and sings the luan while singing and dancing. The painted building is flying towards Nanpu clouds, and the red curtain rolls into the west mountain rain at dusk. The shadows in Xianyuntan Lake are long, and things change and the stars move several autumns. Where is the emperor's son now? Outside the threshold, the Yangtze River flows freely. (Center) The Book of Prosperity of the Old Man of Chunrizhishan, Bingzi of Zhengde.