Fu Shan's "Standing Scroll of Five Character Ancient Poems in Cursive Script", silk edition, 201.5cm long and 50.9cm wide. Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing.

This is a five-character ancient poem recorded by "Brother Can of Hui Jiewen", inscribed with "Old Overseas Chinese Fu Zhenshan", with the seal of "Fu Shan's Seal" and the first seal of "Loyal Family Heirloom". The ink is dry, and most of the writing is white. The fonts are straight and natural, the composition is unconventional, the layout is stable, and the writing is unrestrained and free.

Explanation: Outside the green willows, the spring mountains compete with each other. The composition is composed of blue clouds, and the sentence is so tender that it is too much to think about. How can the mind be so extreme that it can be watched and ignored. One of the twelve chapters in three rhymes is written by Hui Jiewen's brother Can. Overseas Chinese Lao Fu Zhenshan.