Zhu Yunming (1460-1527), whose courtesy name was Xizhe and whose name was Zhishan, had six fingers on his right hand, so he nicknamed himself "Zhizhisheng".

, and also assigned to the old woodcutter of Zhishan, the people of Zhizhishan, etc. Han nationality, from Changzhou (now Suzhou, Jiangsu). Xueyuan

Yuan, capable of poetry and calligraphy, especially his cursive calligraphy, is highly praised by the world. There is a saying that "Tang Bohu's paintings,

"Zhu Zhishan's calligraphy". Zhu Zhishan's "Six-style Script Poetry Volume", "Cursive Script Du Fu Poetry Volume", "Nineteen Ancient Poems", "Cursive Script Poetry Volume" and "Cursive Script Poetry Volume" are all handed down from generation to generation

Excellent product. He is as famous as Tang Yin, Wen Zhengming and Xu Zhenqing. Mingli called him one of the "Four Talents in Wuzhong".


Explanation: To the south of Yunjiang Ji Wei Mountain, there is a bay of water, with Dongting in the west and Zhenze in the north. It is majestic.

Boundless, when the wind is suppressed and the smoke is clear, and the water waves are quiet, the cloud shadows linger, the sky is up and down, the scenery is very beautiful,

When Fei Zi lived in Yan, he called himself Wen Yunjiang Bamboo Forest and was married to her, so he closed his door and said, "Fei Zi"

It is said that this is a name. Without writing, there is no way to describe its ambitions. Without a famous pen, it will be passed down forever. It will know how to plan.

So, please invite me, thinking that the water of Weishan Mountain, Xinfei Linzhou and Dragon Cave, Honghai

It and Kunming are nothing more than a jade wave, so it takes a lot of money to get it, and the one who asks for it cannot come back.

I went further and said, life is precious and pleases my ears. How can I enjoy my ambitions and soothe my feelings?

I wish I could see the huge water flow for thousands of miles and the huge waves for thousands of hectares. This is the river. The peaks overlooking the water look like hibiscus.

Inserted upside down in the blue ripples, its shallow water drags blue, soft poplars shake green, and Qingyun covers it

The rosy clouds are so melancholy that you can write poems on the stream, sail a boat to carry wine, or build a fishing platform for Ziling.

You are so happy with the bath that you once ordered. My husband, Yun Jiang, has taken it. It is not enough.

Take it, you know it well, and you are determined to be brave, just like your ancestor Ti crossed the river to strike at the gun.

But if you don't plan to intercept the river with Tie Jing, you should be frank and fearless, just like Wu Rui's overthrow of the river.

It's okay to be self-sufficient, instead of sighing and hating the weakness of Linjiang. Therefore, I hope that my son will enjoy this, but not

If you want to have a son, you will be happy there, but what can you do? You must wash your heart in the river and use all your talents.

Don't indulge in the river, otherwise you will fall into the trap of drifting. The bamboo forest rises and thanks, saying, I wish to leave behind

He taught Feizi, so he took it as a record. In the autumn of the eighth year of Hongzhi, Cheung Chau

Zhishan Yunming's book.