Changfeng Tie is a copy, on paper. The length is 27.5cm and the width is 40.9cm. 11 lines, 102 words. Cursive writing. Collection of the National Palace Museum, Taipei. "Changfeng Tie" is also called "Changfeng Tie", "Xianshi Weidun Tie" and "Four Paper Feibai Tie".


Interpretation: Every time I think about it, I can't stand it. I got his book yesterday. It is both ruined and strong, which is deeply worrying. Knowing that the virtuous person is exhausted, why can he help me so much? He is dedicated and diligent. I know that I got the letter on the 24th, and I got the letter on the 22nd from (uncle) Tiger, which means that I will get good luck in the new year. An Shi must have defeated Pan's family yesterday. If he wanted to defeat him, it would be twenty-five days later. With one step, I have made a statement. I have passed by before, and I am as close as I want to see. Today I send you these four pieces of paper that are completely white. What do you think they look like? Can you learn from them?