"Chen Jun's Poems" volume, Yuan Dynasty, Bai Jue calligraphy, paper, running script, length 31.2cm, width 68.2cm.
Chen Juncai became famous, and he waved the paper to the guests. I know the seven strings of my life's thoughts, and my enjoyment of music is not limited to mountains and rivers. He said that he lived in Yang, Lushan, and there was a Jiaxiu Hall under the trees. An Neng has lived here for a long time, flying thousands of miles away. Xingxingjizhijun has a father, Yan, Zhao, Ou and Fujian will be gone in the future. Lushan Mountain is not Dongjiaqiu, there is a place where the immortals were banished to study. It was written on the first day of August in the autumn of Haiqiu.
The final signature: "To Zhi Guichou (with the word Chou omitted) written on the first day of the eighth month of the autumn of Hai." Two seals are "Zhan Yuan Zi Bai Jue" and "Qixia Mountain People".
"Chen Jun's Poems" is one of the "Dharma Books". It is recorded in Qing Anqi's "Mo Yuan Hui Guan·Fa Shu Volume 2" and Wanyan Jingxian's "San Yu Tang Calligraphy and Painting Catalog".
This post was once collected by Qing Anqi and has the imprints of Anqi, Wanyan Jingxian, Zhang Yuan, He Zizhang and Tan Jing.
"Zhizhi Guihai" was the third year of Zhizhi (1323), when Bai Jue was 76 years old.
"Chen Jun's Poems" is a seven-character ancient poem written by Bai Jue to Chen Zheng. The general idea of ​​the poem is that although Chen Zheng had great ambitions, he lived in seclusion in "Lushan Yang" and devoted his love to the music of music, calligraphy and painting.
The calligraphy of this calligraphy is round and round, with bold strokes, indulgent strokes, and random dots and strokes. The influence of Mi (Fu) calligraphy can still be seen, and it also has its own sincerity.