Zhang Xu’s calligraphy in cursive script, paper, 35.8×329.6cm, collected by the Palace Museum, Beijing

"Cursive Script Zhang Xu's Calligraphy Volume" was written in the fourth year of Zhishun (1333), when Kangli was 38 years old, and his skills and energy were both in his prime. Judging from the interest in writing and structural habits, the scroll clearly shows the creative style of Zhang Xu and Huai Su, two masters of cursive script in the Tang Dynasty. Kang Lixi was famous for his fondness for using a center stroke and his rapid strokes. His strokes were straight but not sluggish, and his strokes were fast but not weak. This was his brilliance. This style is reflected in this post, making the strokes in the whole volume strong and straight, round and clear, and full of charm.