Feng Zizhen's "Hidden Poems of the Yuan Dynasty" running script, paper, length 32.7cm, width 102.4cm
Collection of the Tokyo National Museum, Japan (donated by Naoryo Matsudaira)

This is a calligraphy written by Feng Zizhen personally as a gift to the Japanese monk Wu Yin Yuanhui. The content is three seven-character quatrains written by Feng Zizhen. Wuyin Yuanhui was a native of Tozen, Japan. He traveled to Yuan Dynasty in the first year of Yanqing (1308 AD) and practiced in Zhongfeng Mingben. He returned to Japan in the first year of Jiali (1326 AD) and became the abbot of Kennin Temple in Kyoto. . In addition to this piece, there are other handwritings written by Feng Zizhen and Wuyin Yuanhui that have been handed down. This shows that Feng Zizhen attached great importance to Wuyin Yuanhui.