"Family Letters" page, Yuan Dynasty, original calligraphy by Deng Wen, paper, length 24.2cm, width 29.1cm, running script. Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing


After receiving the Qingchang letter, I am very happy to know that my wife is always safe. Fortunately, my guest is fine, but he has been working hard all day long, and although Lao Lu has no other fault, he is stupid beyond words. His food and daily life are so unsatisfactory that there is nothing he can do. If there is no escape plan after returning to the division, I wonder how my wife can temporarily go to Xuanzhou with Wen'er to wait for the branch division in August and then return to Hangzhou? If you can't come, stop. During this trip, I didn't even take off warm clothes, and I didn't have any luggage to send, so I did this because Raozhou ordered Shi to lay out his luggage. The original letter is addressed to the virtuous wife of the county.

Seal "Su Lu Zhai". The collection seals are "Youguxuan" and "Leqi".

This family letter describes the author's situation at that time. Xuanzhou belonged to Jiankang Road in Jiangdong in the Yuan Dynasty, and is now an Anhui territory. According to "History of the Yuan Dynasty·Deng Wen's Original Biography": "In the fourth year of Yanyou's reign, he was promoted to the Imperial Academy and was waiting for the imperial examination. In the fifth year of Yanyou, he was appointed as an envoy to Su Zhenglian in Jiangnan and Zhejiang Province. ... In the sixth year, he moved to Jiangdong Province. ... In the second year of Zhizhi, he was called He is a scholar of Jixianzhi." It is known that this letter was written by Deng Wenyuan when he was appointed as the Secretary of Suzheng Lianfang in Jiangdong Jiankang Road, that is, from the sixth year of Yanyou to the second year of Zhizhi (1319-1322), when Deng Wenyuan was more than 60 years old. Made at the time. The name of "Qingchang" in the article is Deng Yan. After the biography of Deng in the "History of the Yuan Dynasty", "Yin was taught as deputy secretary of Yi Xue in Jiangsu and Zhejiang and other places, but was not appointed as a soldier."

The writing of this book is continuous, the charm is leisurely, the writing style is indulgent, and it is suitable for the mood. It has the attitude of "letting nature take its own course, like the peaks of many mountains".