Five-Character Rhythm Poetry (Ode to Boyi) Post Page, Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing, Paper, length 32.7cm, width 40.9cm

The sage and my teacher are examples, and the ancient inscriptions on the ancient tripod are elegant. The righteousness is good and the horse is admonished, and the book is better than the goose scripture. The story asks for the emperor's blessing, and the village temple pays homage to Zhongding. Go to the hall and see the ink, the mountains and rain rustle the heroic spirits.
The world is far away in my heart, but my hands are different over the years. Whoever buys Shanyin Xu will really return Hepu Pearl. The body is immortal but the name is immortal, and the book and the Tao are in harmony. Zhu Laozhen's question is still worth mentioning as a coward. After Shu, he imitated Deng Wenyuan and paused.
Seal "Deng Wen's original seal" and "Brazilian Deng's Shanzhi" seal. There are half seals of "Praise Xian", half seal of "Shilu Shisun", half seal of "Zhenyuan" and seals of Zhang Heng and Pan Hou.
These two poems are titled after the volume of "Ode to Boyi" written by Fan Zhongyan of Song Dynasty. There is also a Yuan poem by Dai Biao in the volume with the preface: "... Li Houkan, who was greatly promoted, got this copy from Yan, and came south to guard Wu. He was in the village of Duke Wenzheng, and he visited the descendants of the Duke to give it to him." Also the great virtue Gengzi II. On the 21st of the lunar month, Gong Ying wrote a poem, formerly known as: "Xiangong, the general manager of Yizhai, attributed the "Ode to Boyi" written by Zhenggong in his collection to the Fan family." Later notes: "Written in the Western Preface of Yi Zhai", the following is a history The two poems of Xiaoxiang are Deng's two poems. There is a sentence in Deng's poem "Return to Hepu Pearl", which refers to the return of "Ode to Boyi" to the Fan family. The time should be after Gong Ying wrote the poem, that is, after the fourth year of Dade in the Yuan Dynasty (1300), Deng was about 40 years old. age.
Fan Zhongyan's book "Ode to Boyi" was recorded in the Ming Dynasty's "Iron Coral·Shupin Volume 2" and the Qing Dynasty's "Daguan Lu·Calligraphy Volume Three", but its whereabouts are now unknown. At the time of recording, Deng's postscript still existed at the back of the volume, but I don't know when it was cut out. Deng Ba's calligraphy is vigorous and handsome, free and easy, deliberate and regular, and has a typical calligraphy style of the Yuan Dynasty. Deng Wenyuan's calligraphy achievements were praised by calligraphers of his time, such as Yu Jiyun: "Those who are praised as good calligraphers by Dade and Yanyou must belong to Brazil (Deng Wenyuan), Yuyang (Xian Yushu), and Wuxing (Zhao Mengfu)." ( Writer: Fu Hongzhan)