"Recenter (Tongchuan) Tie" page, Yuan Dynasty, original calligraphy by Deng Wen, paper, length 31.6cm, width 52.5cm, running script.
Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing

Wen Yuan paused and bowed to Zhong Bin again. A recent man from Wen Yuan passed through Wanling from Tongchuan. He planned to meet him on the way back and said what he wanted to say. However, the rain and snow were still there, and he was eager to return home, so he obeyed his wish. The annals of the first tomb are intended to prepare detailed instructions for the heirs. The rules and regulations must describe the words, deeds, and official positions of the ancestors. Since Xianzheng has been buried for a long time, the inscription of the late wife has been written now, and the latent virtues have been stated. They can see each other, and they are waiting for the title and order. But don't set up a monument, and the common people will listen to it. But I hate that my literary thoughts are crude and I have no inventions, but I am lucky that I am a publisher. The beginning of spring is the time for the boy to finish his thoughts. I would like to present this paper to you. I cannot go into details, but I will keep it in mind and keep it secret. Wen Yuan bowed his head and bowed again, December 16th.
There are 15 collection seals including "Bin", "Uncle Xiang", "Mo Linshanren", "Tian Lai Pavilion" and "Xiang Zijing Collection Seal".
This letter was written by Deng Wenyuan when he was appointed Secretary of Su Zheng Lian of Jiangdong Jiankang Road. The place names "Tongchuan" and "Wanling" mentioned in the article are both located in Anhui Province.
The calligraphy of "Nearer's Tie" is like flowing clouds and flowing water, comfortable and fast, following the trend, light and refreshing, beautiful and airy, and has the legacy of Wang Xizhi's calligraphy.
Recorded in "Iron Coral". (Writer: Fu Hongzhan)