"Giving Yue Fei Pi Juan", written in the eleventh year of Shaoxing (1141), running script, collected by Taipei Lan Qianshan Museum

 In the early years after Zhao Gou came to the throne, he appointed some generals of the anti-Japanese war faction. He especially loved and respected Yue Fei. Not to mention the edicts, the letters he wrote to Mr. Yue Fei alone were enough to print a thick book. Not only that, Zhao Gou also wrote the words "Serve the country with loyalty" as a gift to him. The above "Commentary Notes to Yue Fei" is part of Zhao Gou's personal letter to Yue Fei. It is signed with the three characters "Fu Yue Fei" on the top and the imperial seal on the top, and the two imperial seals of Emperor Gaozong on the bottom. The font is between regular script and regular script, with a clear and gentle rhyme, showing the author's profound calligraphy skills.